School, Family and Community Connections

NHSW success is in large part due to the commitment and involvement of families in their children’s educational development. As an educational institution, we understand that greater interaction between schools and communities can enhance educational outcomes.   NHSW  reaches out to the community in various ways to help the students develop a strong commitment to family and diversity in a global community.

Involvement with Islamic Center and other New Horizon Schools: Interschool spelling bee, participation in the Hassan Hathout Essay contest, regular field trips to the Islamic Center of Southern California for prayers and inviting community members to join our Friday Prayers are only a few ways New Horizon School Westside stays involved with the local Muslim Community. Holding events to honor donors, raise funds and educate the community about our goals and mission are yearly events which bring the entire community together for a common purpose.

Interfaith activities: Regular announcements about interfaith activities are distributed to all New Horizon parents. Many families attend interfaith services at local synagogues and churches to learn about other faiths and educate them about Islam.

Outreach & helping poor: Each year, the students are involved in many outreach programs to help raise awareness or funds about global catastrophes or communitites that need assistance. For example, the children created over 300 plaster bones in art class in 2013 to send to Washington D.C. for an art installation on the National Mall that raised awareness of genocide in places like Sudan, Somalia and Burma( Children pack bag lunches to deliver to homeless shelters and participate in fundraising races to raise money for hungry children in poor areas of the world ( .)

Local community: Situated in the heart of an area of Los Angeles nicknamed “Little Tokyo”, New Horizon Westside students have a unique opportunity to learn about Japanese American culture. In 2012, the NHSW art department organized a local art walk on Sawtelle Blvd. Each classroom visited a different storefront or restaurant on Sawtelle and then created artwork to put on display at the site. Locals, parents, students and teachers all took time to walk the length of the street and visit all the artwork made by our students. Store owners happily hosted the art and discussed the work with those walking the art walk.