Elementary school and Preschool are formative in shaping a child’s character. New Horizon School Westside was born out of a mission to provide a quality academic education in an environment infused with high morals and Islamic values. We are dedicated to nurturing a positive, well-balanced American Muslim identity in our students and teaching them to integrate Qur’anic principles, academic skills and ethical behavior to make a positive contribution to society. New Horizon Westside offers a diverse and integrated curriculum that will prepare your child to deal with the challenges of a modern, progressive society.

Preschool  Program

The Preschool Program uses an academic curriculum filled with fun, hands-on activites. It is based on Developmentally Appropriate Practice, where children learn in their own personal way through meaningful play. The curriculum focuses on Religious Studies, value based Character Education, academics and cooperation with an emphasis on positive self-esteem. It also focuses on developing language, social, self-help, fine motor and gross motor skills.
The Program also seeks to promote the overall growth of each child in spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and physical areas.

Elementary Program

At New Horizon School Westside, we believe that a warm and nurturing atmosphere is the best environment in which children can learn and grow both physically and spiritually.  Our school was founded on the premise of educating the whole student, and we continue to embrace this philosophy as we update the curriculum we offer.  Our low student/teacher ratio (maximum of 18 students per class), enables the faculty to truly get to know each student and his or her learning style. While maintaining high standards, our teachers utilize a variety of teaching techniques and styles in order to ensure understanding and critical analysis in an active learning environment.  Teachers have high expectations of their students, and go out of their way to help all students realize their goals. In short, each faculty member partners in the success of all students and their families.