The arts are incorporated into every subject. Geometry is often demonstrated in architectural models, scientific observations can take the form of ink drawings , and writing is accompanied by illustrations. Students also learn in a unique art studio environment that provides the necessary art experiences, and artistic tools and techniques to facilitate the blossoming of young artists. We explore color, line, form and perspective in a variety of media including pen, paint, pastels, ceramics and tile mosaics. We study artists and art history, discuss and critique works of art, learn about artistic expression around the world, and incorporate the use of recycled materials in many of our projects.


Our music program integrates curricular themes through song and genre, and provides all students with regular hands-on experience with elements of pitch and rhythm. Students learn to read, write and perform from a wide range of cultures and historical periods using a variety of  percussion, wind and tonal instruments. The music program covers many musical elements each week, including singing, music theory, music appreciation, and basic instrument skills.


P.E. at NHSW takes a holistic approach to developing physical and social attributes of a confident and capable citizen. Teamwork, cooperation, and responsibility are inherent in the unique and challenging games and exercises. We offer a wide variety of sports and innovative activities through the YMCA- West Los Angeles; including basketball, soccer, football, swimming, yoga, dance,  and team building. New Horizon Westside students love to play in P.E., often unaware of the valuable skills they have acquired.