Toilet Training Program

New Horizon School Westside offers half-day and full-day Toilet Training Programs. The Preschool I and II Programs focus on social interactions, learning through play, good work ethics and communication with other children. Transitional Kindergarten focuses on developing the skills needed for Kindergarten.

Preschool Program

The Preschool Program uses an academic curriculum filled with fun, hands-on activities. It is based on Developmentally Appropriate Practices, where children learn in their own personal way through meaningful play. The curriculum focuses on Religious Studies, value based Character Education, academics and cooperation with an emphasis on positive self-esteem. It also focuses on developing language, social, self-help, fine motor and gross motor skills.
The Program also seeks to promote the overall growth of each child in spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and physical areas.


Religious Studies

It is our goal to develop in each child a love for and understanding of God and Islam, and to nurture an identity in each child as a confident, faithful American Muslim. This is accomplished through age appropriate daily  instruction in three basic areas: Islamic Studies, Qur’anic Studies and Arabic Language.


Throughout the year, students are also given the opportunity to participate in several physical education classes like yoga, soccer, fitness and gymnastics. We also offer a variety of enrichment activities for our children that include computer lessons, music classes, field trips, and library visits.