Did you ever wonder how your child(ren)’s early years in school will affect who they will become when they grow up? Research shows that Preschool and Elementary Learning is the foundation that makes a difference in each child’s future.

At New Horizon School Westside, our teachers are committed to ensuring that your children are equipped with skills that they will need to become successful in their chosen future careers. One of our goals is to make a difference by instilling a love of learning. Our team strives to motivate our students and equip them to make sound decisions based on Islamic principles in a nurturing environment. By integrating Islamic values in the daily lives of our students, we empower them with resources that can help them make this world a better place.

NHSW is a CAIS and WASC accredited independent school that is dedicated to providing academic excellence in an Islamic environment. We are proud of our high quality work but we cannot accomplish it without your help. Over the years, we have chosen to maintain the tuition at an affordable level for our community members while still offering excellent accredited programs. Unfortunately, the tuition does not cover all the operating expenses for the school. Each year we run an Annual Giving Campaign to make up for that difference.

Please donate generously.

New Horizon School Westside is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under the law.