Welcome to our school!

Elementary School and Preschool are formative in shaping a child’s character. New Horizon School Westside was born out of a mission to provide a quality academic education in an environment infused with high morals and Islamic values. We are dedicated to nurturing a positive, well-balanced American Muslim identity in our students and teaching them to integrate Qur’anic principles, academic skills and ethical behavior to make a positive contribution to society. New Horizon Westside offers a diverse and integrated curriculum that will prepare your child to deal with the challenges of a modern, progressive society.

Joining the New Horizon Westside family means you will be surrounded by like-minded families that support each other in their dreams for their children. Let us help you give your child the spiritual and intellectual skills they need to succeed. My door is always open and I look forward to meeting with you to ensure your child has a bright future!

With prayerful wishes,

Dalal Hassouna-Antabli
Head of School