Board of Trustees

As keepers of the mission and legal fiduciaries of New Horizon School Westside, the Board is charged with overall long range, strategic planning of the school. Each trustee actively promotes the school’s vision while accepting the accountability for both the financial stability and financial future of the school.

Our current Board has 7 members compromised of two men and five women, five of whom are current parents of the school, and two of whom are community members. Each member brings unique personal experience from a variety of diverse professional backgrounds. From financial leaders and members of the film industry, to philanthropists and attorneys, the collective experience of the Board provides a comprehensive, overall perspective.

Meeting twelve times a year, Board members serve on standing committees including, Development, Finance, Committee on Trustees, Building and Grounds, and Communications & Marketing. An elective Board Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary, along with the head of school, nurture and guide all major policy decisions.


Message from the Board Chair:

Assalamualaykum and greetings of peace,

At New Horizon School Westside, we are proud of the education we provide for our young
American Muslim children. Our small classrooms make individualized learning possible and our
implementation of new academic technology enhances our students’ experience. We are committed
to providing this quality academic education while  instilling a foundation of high moral values in a
progressive Islamic environment. Through this vision we seek to inspire our students to fulfill their
spiritual, academic, and intellectual potential so that they may succeed in  a modern , dynamic world.

The hard work and dedication of the teachers, staff and Head of School make it possible for
us to accomplish our goals, but we also know that as a school, the academic and spiritual growth
and success of our students cannot occur without the continued support of our parents,
extended families, alumni, and community. We thank you for your generous contributions that
have enabled us to continue to implement effective and rigorous academic programs. We hope
that you will continue to support us in all our endeavors and that you will always be a part of the
New Horizon School Westside community. May God bless you and your families in all that you have
done for our students and their families.


-Molly Veera, Chair

New Horizon School Westside Board of Trustees